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Pulau Seribu Indonesia

Kepulauan Seribu in Java sea Indonesia. Only 75 minutes by speed boat from Jakarta, you can have that dream vacation to the island. But you do not worry, because we have access to the island of a thousand. We also have set up low-cost vacation packages for your holiday event by providing an unforgettable feel. For that please you specify resort island where you'd like to visit with the specifications below.

  Pulau Ayer is one of the islands in "Kepulauan Seribu" that have a source of fresh water. Facilities "Pulau Ayer" there is a meeting room, restaurant, fishing pier, swimming pool, children playground, karaoke room, water sports (jetsky, banana boat, canoe), mini market / market art, fun bike, beach volleyball, basketball. Pulau Ayer can be surrounded by foot, or by using a bicycle. Details click here
  Pulau Bidadari is a haven of nautical tourists in exploring the "Kepulauan Seribu". Some cottages are built among the trees overlooking the sea, evoke a romantic feel. Due to the short distance from Jakarta can not for the snorkeling. Details click here
  The island relies Pantara clear waters and beautiful coral islands. An interesting exercise to do on the island Pantara is scuba diving. Pantara Island provides a variety of facilitas that can be rented from snorkeling, diving, banana boating and much more. Moderate Pantara Island Resort provides cottages, pool, bar, meeting rooms, Discotheque and many other entertainment facilities that can be enjoyed here. Details click here
  Kotok Island offers a characteristic, traditional, and natural tropical environment. Uniqueness welcome drink of coconut juice to welcome you when menginjakan foot there. Large mangrove trees grow from its roots firmly in the white sand, a wealth of nautical, chirping birds, monitor lizards are benign, all waiting there. Kotok Island a good place for couples seeking a romantic and quiet atmosphere. Details click here
  One resort in Indonesia that has Undersea Aquarium is a resort on the Island Princess Kepulauan Seribu. Not only that, a mini aquarium and pond that blends with the sea also complement this resort. Island facility is equipped with a swimming pool, tennis courts, water activities (water bee, canoeing, banana boat). Details click here
  Sepa Island has a beach and a beautiful underwater ecosystem. Sepa Island became a favorite spot for divers, because diving and snorkeling are the main activities on this island, Pulau Sepa besides exciting place for fishing activity. Tourist facilities to its guests the Marine Walk. We will be able to walk freely on the seabed without the need for a variety of diving equipment. Details click here
  Pelangi Island Petondan also called West is a small island that is part of the Thousand Islands. "Pelangi Island" covered with shady trees and lush. Facilities on offer include lodging, diving, snorkeling, fishing, tennis courts, shops, health clinics, and various other facilities that support the activities of your tour. Details click here
  Pramuka Island has a fairly complete facilities. The island is located in the constellation marine national park "Kepulauan Seribu" has many interesting panorama. The sea is blue and the adjacent marine park allows fans to make diving or snorkeling Scout Island as an ideal stopover. Details click here
  Tidung Island one of the largest island in the archipelago with a thousand nautical panorama of beautiful and ecosystems are still awake to asriannya, making Tidung as an alternative destination at an affordable price. Refreshing all activities you can do on the island Tidung including snorkeling, leisurely bicycle, diving, fishing, photography, and camping. Details click here

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